About Us

We are premium manufacturer and seller of decorative candles and candle holders. We always try to lighten and brighten your home as well as your life with our intriguing collection of products. We are one of the largest online stores for candles and related products. We have developed our online shopping store specifically for India and thus we offer wide range of variety of products for Indian customers.

India is a country of Festivals and Celebrations where people feel content in sharing warmth by exchanging gifts. Hence, candlestore.in serves the motive of “Giving gifts as delightful as Receiving them”.

We believe in warm and long lasting customer relationship rather than just selling our products. Our Endeavour is to make individuals easily select candles and related products, or gifts to send to their loved ones for all the occasions with a wide range of budgets.

At the end, we fondly promote ourselves in one line,

“We enlighten the lives with happiness”